Cobra Pharmaceuticals is a relative new company on the market but with a few years of experience in the field. We decided to come up with this brand as we saw that the market needed some safe products that are good and impossible to be faked. There are very few companies that sell good products, impossible to copy and counterfeit accessible to anyone. After seeing the products that clients buy in a country like Italy and Spain (fakes, testosterone propionate sold as boldenone, trenbolone, etc, products with no way to see if are original or not) we decided that is also in the interest of the client to launch as soon as possible an accessible line of good quality anabolics.

We check filling settings of our production line before we start to produce each new batch. Each ml of our oils as well as each pill contains the manifested quantity of the raw material. You can check our products in any lab and you will assure yourself.

We add a little bit more than 10 ml oil in each vial. We take into consideration the small amount of oil that is lost in the needle and syringe head after injection. Therefore, we provide actually 10,5 ml oil in each vial.

We pay huge attention to preservation of health, that`s why we carefully sterilize all our oils for intramuscular injections. When using our oils you can be 100% sure you will never catch staphylococcus or any other bacteria. We sterilize our products two times, one time before and one time again the finished product.

We use 5% pharmaceutical grade ethyl oleate in our oils, beside the benzyl benzoate and as a result injections are not painful and don’t cause lumps, etc. Carrier in all our vials is grape seed oil. Exception makes higher concentrated products (over 300mg/ml) that require more than 5% ethyl oleate.

Our products have the most important protection element against counterfeits, protection codes, which can be checked in the respective section of our site. It is the only thing that can not be copied. You will always know whether your vial is genuine or not and we recommend to everyone to check their product on our website

We test all our products internally on our volunteers before we launch them in the market. If some problems are reported, we improve formulas and only after this start selling. You always get a safe product!

We do not use rubber caps In our vials, which can be damaged under oil impact in time! Tiny particles off the rubber can get off when inserting the needle and fall into the oil or get inside the needle causing dangerous health consequences! Instead of rubber we use silicon caps, which do not have these problems and are resistant to oil.

We take into account all the remarks of our customers. Everyone can write his suggestions and ideas to us and we will 100% consider them! We have full support for our products and are always available and open for questions and new ideas.

Oil, by nature, contains small water particles. When present in the cooking oil you use at breakfast, there’s little need for concern. But those same water particles present in an oil you are about to inject present a far greater problem. You might know what can happen if you attempt to mix 1ml of oil and 1ml of water for injection. But that’s only the beginning, the water itself is also a very good medium for bacteria to reproduce – in stark contrast to sterile oil. Therefore we put great care into oil dehydration to minimize all potential health risks, however slim. Many cheap oil based steroids cannot offer the same guarantee. Cobra Pharmaceuticals is one of the few manufacturers that can offer this measure with high-performance equipment at a decent price!